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Winterize & Spring Checkup


The right preparations going into the winter season can eliminate headaches in the spring. It is always a good idea to winterize an irrigation system.  This normally includes blowing out all the water in the lines, insulating the double check-valve and placing a foam seal atop the valve box.

Winterizing a sprinkler system prevents starting the spring off facing multiple problems. Leaving water in the lines of an irrigation system may have negative consequences, including cracks in the lines, broken fittings, damaged sprinkler heads and broken or cracked doublecheck valves.  Completely shutting down a system over the winter months is recommended.

Seasonal rainfall is usually sufficient enough to keep the landscape watered over the winter.  Shutting down the system helps prevent what can be catastrophic damages to your system if it ran during a hard freeze during the winter.

Another problem that occurs when a system runs during a hard freeze is that water is released and forms ice on sidewalks and streets.  This could result in lawsuits for negligence.

Following the last freeze of the year, typically around early March, we restart the system and perform a thorough checkup of the entire irrigation system. This insures all the stations are running as expected, as well as checking for clogged heads, leaks, malfunctioning valves or any minor adjustments that need to be made before going into the growing season.